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  • Hi Guys,
    I was hoping you could tell em if the addon carousel slider could be adapted to give a smilar effect as they have here - I need to show smaller images that slide along one by one. Is this possible - any suggestions if not?

    Hoep you're both well - strange times - stay safe :)
  • Hi Kevin,

    Unfortunately there's no simple way of modifying the slider to behave as your example without a major overhaul of the coding for the addon.

    Doing well here thanks - I hope you are too!

  • Hi Kevin,

    The only option you have is to make the wrapper smaller in height via the frag box you drag onto the page

    #wrapper { height: 500px; /* Set the height of your images here and do the same a few lines down */
    top: 100px; /* Distance of slider from top of page */

    #prev, #next { background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7); /* Overlay colour for off page images in RGB. 0.7 references the transparency, 0.1 for very transparent */
    height: 500px; /* Set the height of your images here */

    By changing the default 500px to something a little smaller, apart from that, as Neil has already pointed out, not possible without major modifying of the original addon code.

    "Ditto" too, all good here, stay safe both of you ;-)
  • Thanks chaps no worries.

    Y'll keep well :)

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