transferring skills bar
  • Hello,
    I am a little new to this but I am having fun with some of the templates.
    Not being a coder my skills are limited to looking for keywords in the code, following instructions and figuring it out from there.
    I do have a question that I need some advice on.
    I've seen the skills bar on the Subtle template and I am building a site with the Fundamentals template.
    I tried opening both and copying and pasting the HTML fragment from Subtle to Fundamentals. However I get
    a column of black dots and a grey blank rectangle.
    Can this be done so it works as it does on the Subtle template?
    (Using WP X8)


  • Unfortunately we cannot offer help with regards to transferring elements from one template to another due to code variants between the two, certain aspects of a template would require not just a code edit but may need various other files to make the element work, plus you could also end up with jquery call clashes, hence it wont work anyway.

    Hope this helps a little more
  • oh ok, thanks. I thought i may have been a simple copy and paste. Will try something else.
  • Sorry we can't be any more help than this Daniel.

  • No worries, as I say, I am not a coder so I have some ideas but not really much concept of how feasible they are. I used a simple mouse over that changed the colour of some bars and prompted some text instead.

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