Change look of countdown timer
  • Hey Guys,
    Hope you're both keeping well. I was hoping you can tell me how I can make some changes to the Countdown Timer Addon. Firstly I need to resize it so it can sit on a mobile page. Secondly I need to change the size of the digits and the background colour of the digits to an alternative to black.

    Can this be done chaps?

    Thank you
  • Hi Kev,

    To change the size of the countdown timer you'll have to make a number of changes to the CSS. Best to publish to a folder on your computer to be able to access the files. Unfortunately as this is beyond the scope of our support we'd be unable to assist with this.

    Sorry we can't be much more help than this.

  • Update:

    It's not too difficult by adding the following code to your internal CSS (after the block that you can edit for the addon) You can then make changes to the lines below:

    .countdownHolder {
    width: 340px;
    font: 26px/1.5 'Open Sans Condensed',sans-serif;
  • Hi Neil,
    Sorry only just getting back to this. I'd done as above and it worked fine, smaller digits, coloured just as I need.

    But a last quick one on the same subject if I can... is there a way of having multiple counters on the same page. When I attempt to do this it seems to merge all counters into one :/

    Thanks again for the continued support mate!
  • Hi Neil,
    Yes I'd figured that out and done similar - its a bit messy but works just fine. I'm setting up one of those comp / raffle sites and each prize has its own timer. I set up individual mini pages with the prize and timers for each, then set up multiple doc frames on the main page, with scroll bars truned off and non - standard html allowed... and its pukka :)

    Great little addon, and really simple to edit. Thanks for all your help Neil.

  • Great, sounds like it's done the trick. Glad to hear it's working well for you.

    If you need anything else, you know where we are :)


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