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  • I wonder if I could get some help with the pop up contact form.
    The site in question is www.honitonbowlingclub.co.uk hosted by Fasthosts.
    I followed the instructions in the pdf and can get the Contact us button to display but nothing happens when it is clicked - it is on the contact us page just to try out.
    Upon browsing the previous posts on this subject I understand that the contact.php must be in the root directory. On checking it is in a sub-directory of ftp.honitonbowlingclub.co.uk called htdocs then in contact directory. If this is incorrect how can it be moved.

    I would appreciate some guidance
  • Hi Tony,

    Looks as though you're right by adding the folder to the htdocs root of your server. However when searching for the contact.php file it's not showing up, usually it's just a white page. You may very well have it in the right place and the lack of a white page is server related but it would be worth double checking it's all in the right place.



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