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  • Hi all,
    I've installed the full width slider and all works fine. I now want to change the pics and am having problems with their heights - the first ones weren't very good either to be honest.
    As per the PDF instructions I have the height set at 600 pix. I am opening the req photo in Photo Plus X6 and exporting it as a JPEG with a width of 1920 and height of 600. The outcome is that the pic is cropped. I exported the pic at 1920 x 300 hoping to see something wide and half the height - the pic quality went blurry.

    Presumably part of my problem is the original photo dimensions (960w X 640h) - taken on an iPhone... but something tells me there's more to this that I don't yet know.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Hi Lester,

    Can you provide a link to the page in question?

    The image will crop horizontally in the browser window if it's smaller than 1920px in width, if that's what you mean? This is because to resize the image width without cropping it, you would also have to reduce it's height to keep the ratio the same. As WebPlus couldn't bring the content below it up with the reduced height, it's not possible to always show the complete image.

    I hope that makes sense.
  • Hi Neil,
    thanks for getting back to me so quick...I do love this support!
    The site in question is ... http://www.herefordballet.co.uk/index.html
    Out of the 7 pics No.3 is OK but the others are a pain. If I knew how, I would attach the original pics for yr perusal.

  • Hi Lester,

    I can see the original photos and they're all different sizes, so I'm not surprised they're getting cropped.

    The full width slider will not display this image for example: http://www.herefordballet.co.uk/full-width-images/01.jpg

    One like this would display well but you'd need to resize it to 1920 x 600: http://www.herefordballet.co.uk/full-width-images/03.jpg

    Get the image sizes right first then the slider will display them correctly ;)

    Check out this section in the help file:

    "Adding images

    Before the slider will function you will need to add your own images, ideally they should be all the
    same size and be 1920 pixels in width and the height you would like the slider."

  • Am I doing this right " I am opening the req photo in Photo Plus X6 and exporting it as a JPEG with a width of 1920 and height of 600." or is there a better / correct / more gooderer way?
  • You need to crop them to size, just exporting them isn't going to cut off the sections on the image that aren't needed.
  • Looks like I'm jiggered then due to the original photo size...I can't go from a 689 x 589 to 1920 x 600 without totally losing the plot. Seems like I need originals taken in landscape mode that are roughly 3 times wider than they are tall, and then I can keep the aspect ratio.
    Am I on the right lines?

  • Yes, original images are the best - as long as the resulting images are 1920 x 600 pixels then you should be good ;)
  • Hi Neil, thanks for all yr help. Please don't think I'm being an argumentative Biff, but I seem to be going around in circles...there is something here that I am not understanding.

    My original pic is 689 x 589 and when I resize it to 1920 x 600 it loses all ratio and looks awful. If I resize it keeping the aspect ratio locked and have one either one of the sizes set to either 1920 or 600 then it doesn't display properly.

    Is there a min size pic I need to start with to make the 1920 x 600 magic work?
    Or can it be any size (689 x 589 for example) ?
    Or does the original pic need to be landscape and roughly 3 times wider than it is tall?

    Sorry to be a pain,
  • Hi Lester,

    You need to an image that's landscape rather than portrait, resize it to 1920 pixels in width then crop off the vertical so it's 600 pixels in height. That'll do it.

    You can't use another image size horizontally, but you can change the 600 if needed by following the instructions.

    Not much else I can say I'm afraid.
  • Brill, thanks for all your help (and time)
    much appreciated,
  • You're welcome :)

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