Background Video Addon in Chrome and Firefox
  • Hey Guys glad to see you're still here :)
    I've set up a page with the Videop Background as I've done before in the past. But now it wont load the video in Chromr or Firefox, but works fine in Explorer.


    Any clues?
  • Hi Kevin,

    Hi Kevin,

    It sounds to me as though it might be an issue with one of the video formats you're using.

    I see you have one of the video marked up as ogv instead of ogg:

    "types": ["mp4","ogv","webm"]

    It could also be that your hosting doesn't support different MIME types, it might be worth getting in touch with them to see if they can assist with updating your hosting or adding something to the .htaccess file to fix it.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Neil thanks for getting back..
    I'll have a look at the hosting thing. When I'd used the Background Video addon in the past I had always changed the format to 'ogv' and its always worked as I've uploaded an ogv version of the video I was using... i believe an ogg vile is audio similar to mp3?

    Anyway not to worry - hope you're well and happy mate :)
  • Okay Kevin no worries, yeah I'm keeping well thanks! :)

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