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  • How do I expand the number of pictures that can be used?
    If I use 4, it works
    If I use more than four and have edited the code in serif to reflect the correct number, it's in permanent load
  • You can add as many images as you like to the circle navigation but the images and code MUST match exactly or you'll just create and ever on going preloader rotating icon.

    Add your 120 x 120 thumbnail images to the circle/thumbs folder

    Add your 820 x 410 larger images to the circle/large folder

    Providing you are keeping the same file name format for say 2 more images (6 in total for this help) your extra images would be named 05.jpg and 06.jpg

    Once both sets of images have been added to the correct folders using the file manager, edit the html frag code by copying say the last line calling image 4 which will look like this:

    <img src="circle/large/04.jpg" alt="" title="The Fourth Image" data-thumb="circle/thumbs/04.jpg">

    And paste that code twice for the other 2 extra images added and edit both of them to reflect the new image calls as below:

    <img src="circle/large/05.jpg" alt="" title="The Fifth Image" data-thumb="circle/thumbs/05.jpg">

    <img src="circle/large/06.jpg" alt="" title="The Sixth Image" data-thumb="circle/thumbs/06.jpg">

    Hope this helps ;-)

  • Thanks Mick,

    I found my problem a file marked jpeg all the others were jpg

    Is there anyway to put the display on auto and still have the circle display?
  • I'm pretty sure there is no option for an auto play of this particular add-on as it relies on the end user hovering over the circles to produce the next image thumbnail appearing in the slider or the previous one.
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