• Hello,

    Compatible with X5 ?, be a pain if I had to upgrade to X6 !, I have the urban dark template from you, if I did have to go to X6 would I have to redo my site. Nice re-design by the way


  • Hi George,

    Thanks, glad you like the new design :)

    You wouldn't need to redo your website if you upgraded to X6, take a look at this thread on the Serif Templates forum, hopefully it will shed light on a few things: http://seriftemplates.com/forum/topic/serif-release-webplus-x6

    If there's anything else feel free to post back ;)

  • so no X5 then, shame !, i will have to wait a tad, too much money on camera gear this month !
  • No, unfortunately no X5 support, it would have meant creating two lots of tutorials for incorporating each addon in to WebPlus  :O

    Also if you take Serif's past releases in to account WebPlus X7 may not be far off, after all X6 was released 14 moths ago so there may only be another 2-4 months before before X7 comes out.


  • Afternoon Neil,
    Would like to try the Woahbar from the email yesterday but can't download / pay? Do I need another link?
  • Hi John,

    No need to pay, just enter zero '0' in to the 'Name a fair price' field of the form.

    Any more problems do let me know :)
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