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  • Hi Neil & Mick, sorry, but it's me again! This time I've got a problem with the video payer add-on. I've installed the player exactly as described in the accompanying pdf, added the video titles in a file named video via file manager in both .mp4 and .ogv. Preview the site in all the browsers and it works great. How easy was that? :-)  Load the site to the web, check it in Chrome, it plays perfectly as one would expect, great again. View it in Firefox and the latest version of IE and the preview image is there but when "play" is hit, you get an error message saying the following: "The requested file does not exist or is delivered with an invalid content-type"  and yet it plays perfectly well in both those browsers when previewed on the local file and "live" in Chrome as I mentioned above.  Any ideas guys?

    Best Regards, Dave 
  • Hi Dave,

    It could be down to file names - If you're using uppercase file names for the videos but the link that points to them in the code is lowercase it can cause problems on some servers, which is why it works when previewed on your browser but not when uploaded to your server.

    Double check all the file names to make sure they match exactly, ie. this:

    Is not the same as:

  • Hi Neil, thanks for coming back so promptly. File names were ok, but I renamed them just in case and did a new upload. Still get same message in IE and Firefox. Must say it takes an age for the video files to upload via the webplus ftp so maybe something to do with the actual files themselves, but then why does it work in Chrome and yet not these two? Don't know if you have any further suggestions, be grateful if you do....thanks for your help in any case.

  • Hi Dave,

    Could you provide a link to the page?

  • Hi Neil,

    Yes, here you go:
    You'll see quite a nifty music player working there too by the way  ;-)

  • Thanks for the link. It's most likely then an issue with the server and the file types not being supported.

    It's a relatively easy fix, take a look at this link hopefully you'll be able to sort it using the instructions but if not post back and we'll ba able to help out.

  • Thanks for the help but think I'm a bit out of my depth here in that I don't know what I'm doing!
    I did not have IIS installed on my computer, so found a youtube tut and followed it best as I could, but must have done something wrong as the video's still do not play. I've just read the link you gave me again and now I'm wondering if I didn't need to bother with the IIS after all, but should have just added a file to my website as described under the Apache instructions on the link. I use Serif Web Hosting and think that's where I have gone wrong if the IIS is the correct way to go. Profuse apologies Neil, but this is all brand new to me and I had hoped I wouldn't have to trouble you again by trying to figure out the server thing myself. Don't know if you can help, but if so, maybe better I email you rather than clog up this Forum and bore everyone else? I'm completely self taught and have only been messing about with web building for just over a year. What did someone once say about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing...
  • Hey don't worry about it we'll do our best to help you out! :)

    I do know that Serif hosting is very limited and I'm not sure if the whole MIME thing with the additional htaccess file will help... but it's worth a shot!

    First you need to open a new text file and add this to it:

    AddType audio/ogg .oga
    AddType video/ogg .ogv .ogg
    AddType video/webm .webm
    AddType video/mp4 .mp4

    Then save the file and name it .htaccess It'll probably look like this: .htaccess.txt

    You need to rename it so that it doesn't have .txt at the end, see here if you're unable to do it:

    Next add the file into your WebPlus website. Open WebPlus click on Tools > Site Manager > File Manager > select Root at the top of the file tree, then clcik on 'Add' navigate to your htaccess file and add it. Now upload the site which will also upload the .htaccess file to the server.

    Test in your browser and cross your fingers.

    If it still doesn't work then I think you'll need to upgrade to some better hosting to be able to host video, a pain I know but there are some very cheap packages available these days that offer what I would call half decent hosting... Serif hosting is so limited.


  • Aw, thanks again Neil. I'll give it a go, probably be tomorrow now before I can let you know how I got on as some other stuff I need to do or I'll be getting a divorce too! 
    :)) Funnily enough, I was seriously thinking about changing my web host anyway as I've discovered some other irritating limitations recently. Thanks again for the help and the great explanation given above. I'll give it a shot then start looking for a new host anyway.

    All the best,
  • Hi Neil, just to let you know....unfortunately, it didn't work. I'll start looking for a new web host. I notice Naz is advertising hosting on his site so might give that a try. Thanks again for all your help.

  • Hi Dave,

    Just as a bit of extra information, your site of the is running on a Linux O/S using Amazon Web Services and provided by Serif, so I would have thought the .htaccess file would have worked due to the O/S being used and not IIS (Internet Information Services) on a Windows based server.

    All your videos work here using IE10 on the musicroom page (MUZU.TV) and under the Web-One video listing.

  • Hi Mick,

    thanks for the info. That's one of the reasons I headed this video mystery! The addon player also plays the subject vid perfectly well "live" in the Chrome browser. I'm sure I've created and installed the .htaccess file correctly. I've attached a couple of screenshots of the file and the file manager screen from the site. The video loaded in the player is a recording I made of a youtube video. It may well have had some rights restrictions embedded in it. Could it be that Firefox and IE are picking up on the restrictions and Chrome ignores it, or is that just rubbish. I don't know much about videos and all the format issues to be honest, I recorded the video which gave me a .avi file and then used the software you suggest in the player pdf file to convert it to both .mp4 and .ogv files, then put them in the video file via the file manager. All the routes are obviously correct or it wouldn't play in Chrome or indeed in the local previews (would it?!). Think I'll try it with a different video using the same methods but which I know will not have any sort of rights issues and see if that works. I'll have to leave that until the weekend as busy on other stuff in the meantime. If you can see anything I've done wrong in the attached screenshots would be grateful if you can let me know. Thanks again for all the help, it really is first class.

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