Page Peel Addon - making target link the current browser window
  • Hi,

    I've put this in my website no-problems except I wanted to make the target within the same browser window and also wondered how to switch it of if needed so it is just a cheery comment. Is this possible?


    Adrian.  is where it is, along with a few of your other addons.
  • I have them in the sub-sections not the front page.
  • Hi Adrian,

    I think the link you have made is wrong because (A) you have a text link in the top left of the screen and (B) the actual image under the page peel is not active, you also do not need to add the _self command.

    This is what I see at present set to your page peel:

    clickURL : '<a href="" target="_self"> Name the link </a>',

    When it should be actually something like this:

    clickURL : '',

    If you do not want it to become an active link to anywhere within your site, you could try adding something like #1 because the clickURL code needs something in there for the peel to work correctly

    clickURL : '#1',


    Hope this helps ;-)

  • In addition to Mick's post, the only way to prevent the page peel from opening in a new window is to publish your site to a folder on your computer by pressing F5, then open the jquery.peelback.js file in a text editor such as NotePad and scroll down to line 60.

    From there you can remove this section of code:


    Then save the file. Next head back in to WebPlus and double click the HTML Code Fragment for the addon and in to the bottom section of the window select the jquery.peelback.js and click on delete, now add your newly updated file back into the Code Fragment by selecting Add and navigating to it on your computer.

    Preview in your browser and now the page peel should open in the same window.

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions please ask :)

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the advice it all worked and solved the puzzle for me!

    The line of irrelevant code I used just disabled the link but let the page-peel function visually (just random).

    This gives me a choice of three states for this addon so I can have some linking to external targets, some as internal site links and some just as quirky hidden comments and graphics. 


  • Cool, glad we got there in the end  :D
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