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  • helo...i need help.. (swipebox zoom) how to add both in one galery... photo+youtube...Tq
  • Hi pixman,

    I personally wouldn't recommend having a mixture of Youtube videos and images. The only reason I say this is that there is currently a small bug in the gallery player when using Youtube videos - the video continues to play even when you switch to another image. Because of this it's not ideal.

    I'm hoping the developer brings out an update soon and when he does I'll provide updates for the addon.

    If you still want to go ahead it's just a case of either adding the same rel attribute to your links as explained in the section in the help file named 'Image Galeery' or if using a single image to set up the code like in this example:

    {href:'YOUTUBE-VIDEO-LINK" class="swipebox-video" title="Despicable Me 2 Trailer'},
    {href:'swipebox/02.jpg', title:'Second Caption'},
    {href:'swipebox/03.jpg', title:'Third Caption'},
    {href:'swipebox/04.jpg', title:'Fourth Caption'}

    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions feel free to ask :)

  • Hi Neil...Tq for help me...i am try so many time and try to change some coding...the youtube don't work... Nothing to view...still loading...why... TQ :( 

    useCSS : true, // false will force the use of jQuery for animations
    hideBarsDelay : 3000, // 0 to always show caption and action bar
    videoMaxWidth : 1140 // videos max width

    /* Gallery from single image */
    {href:'http://www.video/watch?v=yM9sKpQOuEw" class="swipebox-video" title="Despicable Me 2 Trailer'},
    {href:'swipebox/event1/1.jpg', title:'First Caption'},
    {href:'swipebox/event1/2.jpg', title:'Second Caption'},
    {href:'swipebox/event1/3.jpg', title:'Third Caption'},
    {href:'swipebox/event1/4.jpg', title:'Fourth Caption'}
    :( :( :( :(
  • Have you uploaded the page with it on to your server? This script won't function locally it needs uploading to a server for it to work.

    If you've done that, can you provide a link to the page so we may see the code.

    Thanks B-)
  • Hi Neil...Ok works....Your are awesome...TQVM... :))
  • No problemo!  :D
  • Hi Neil...
    I want to ask you... When i add more /* Gallery from single image */ in one html... the problem link cannot find...
    The link broken...I use text for the link...Not image

  • Hi Pixman,

    Have you removed the comma from the last image? And what does your text link look like, can you provide a link to the live site so we may take a look at the code?

  • Hi Neil ... Thank you for concern in solving my problem. To your knowledge, I'm trying to change and succeed in the end.

    If do not mind, may I ask what do I need to park in the webplus x6. Thanks for your help
  • Hi Neil...i need your help again...
    some link broken...just loading...

    Tq for your help...


  • Pixman,

    The reason for the "Just Loading" error and images not showing correctly is because they do not exist on your hosting server.

    Here is one example I have found but you have many missing images

    One call in your code represents this link:

    {href:'swipebox/event2/1.jpg', title:'Citrawarna 2013, Dataran Merdeka'},

    Yet if you go directly to your site of:


    You receive a 404 error (page not found) of the following:

    The requested URL /swipebox/event2/1.jpg was not found on this server.

    You need to double check all your code calls and make sure that all folders and files have been created on your hosting server for the images to load and show correctly. 

  • Hi Mick...

    Why when i preview on browser ...look normal...but when i add to server the link broken... 
  • I've no idea, maybe it's down to previewing from a linked path and you may have not added the folders and files to the file manager, so when you upload, the folders are not being created and neither do the files get uploaded.

    I'm working blind here so I can only give you a suggestion, but the code is failing because they don't match what has been uploaded, a code call cannot be made if the folder and/or files don't exist or are in the wrong named format on the server itself.

  • Hi Mick...

    Finally, i find the wrong code (photo format file) WRONG - .JPEG not same .jpeg

    I am changing and look find... :))

    Sorry Mick, distube you..next time i will be alert...

  • No worries, glad to help ;)
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