Page Peel not showing up in explorer
  • The page peel pics show up properly in chrome browser but not in fire fox or explorer,

    this is my site,

    I did the steps on the adobe file that was in the zip file the Page Peel adon was on

  • Hi Demetrio,

    Not sure what is going on, but it maybe something to do with how the other 2 browsers are rendering the png files you have for the page peel, the only thing I can suggest either until later or whether Neil picks up on this thread is to change the 2 images you are using to be jpg files instead of png files and then alter the code to suit

    From this

    adImage     : 'page-peel/peel-ad.png',
    peelImage   : 'page-peel/peel-image.png',

    To this

    adImage     : 'page-peel/peel-ad.jpg',
    peelImage   : 'page-peel/peel-image.jpg',

    Make sure you update the images on the server as well as the code and see if that cures the problem, if it doesn't, then feel free to update this thread and hopefully, one of us will have a different solution for you.

    Hope this helps

    EDITED: Running the full screen background gallery add-on with the page peel add-on together using Webplus X7 doesn't throw up any issues here using IE10 & Firefox and png files and everything works how it should do, so maybe the above wont sort the problem Demetrio

  • That didn't seem to help the problem,
    Thanks for looking into this for me. your help is much appreciated!
    i changed one of the files to jpg, ('page-peel/peel-ad.jpg') to test it,
     and still got the same results.
    Also I took it off that page, and now it is live on this page
    and it works fine in google chrome, but not in firefox or explorer
  • Demetrio,

    I'm going to have to leave this one with Neil because I'm all out of idea's to try and resolve your problem.

    As the old saying goes " 2 sets of eyes are better than 1" and he may see something I've not picked up on.

    Sorry I can't advise further with this issue.

  • Hi guys,

    I would say that the images are possibly corrupt and that is what's preventing their transparency from displaying in IE/Firefox.

    How did you create the images? What happens if you use the default images that came with the download?

  • I created the one in draw plus and exported as image,
     and it looks like the other one is the one it came with, & is working fine.
    But ill retest it with the peel-ad image it came with.
  • That didn't do anything,  it is still broken in explorer, but works fine in chrome

  • Very strange, I can't replicate here the problems you are having Demetrio so like I previously posted, I can't think of any other solutions to try I'm afraid as everything works as it should here using both the default images and images of my own.
  • Thank you so much Mick.
    I'll try in a different website I'm building and see if it may be a clash in files, 
    not sure either but so weird, and i really love this ad on, would be a bummer if I couldn't use it!
  • Just to clarify, the images that came with the download don't work either? Because all I can think of is that your images are corrupt but the downloaded images should work well.

    Very strange, I've not heard of problems with transparency in IE since the IE6 days.

  • Yeah, not even the images that it came with work in IE. or mozila. 
    but they work fine in google chrome.
    Very strange I must say. anyways thank you guys so much for all your help

  • Have you tried with a fresh install of the addon or even in a fresh WebPlus file uploaded to the same server? Failing that I can only think that the problem my lie on your server so you may have to get in touch with your host.

    Sorry we can't be any more help than this.

  • Hi i found the issue

    if you have the ABP (Ad block plus) in your firefox enabled it causes the problem, disable it and you will see that works just fine, you can select disable abp for this website and your pagepeel will work fine, no need to change anything in your pictures or your code....)
    If you want you can contact the ABP and explain them the issue by the feedback so they can come up with a upgrade for their software that resolves this small matter

  • if you have disabled the ABP and still nothing than open the two images with the and save them again as png and replace the old images, i did this and works fine, about the ABP addon if you have it in firefox you can disable it as i describe above and better to contact the ABP and tell them that our beloved page peel isnt any malicious advertisement or anything like this to block :))
  • Nice! Thanks for the information Met8. Appreciate you taking the time to comment :)

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