Will News Ticker Work on Tablets / Mobile Devices
  • Hi,

    I am currently using Webplus X6 to build a website and have download the News Ticker addon.  As the site is not live yet I can't test to see if it works well when viewed via tablets or mobile devices.  Can you tell me if it is compatible when viewed from these devices please? 

    I have searched the website for an answer to this but can't tell for sure.  I am new to WebPlus X6 and website building so sorry if there is an obvious answer to this that I have missed somewhere.

    Many thanks!
  • Hi,

    The scroller and links from within each image work fine here on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and IPad Retina.

    Simply load the demo from the serifaddons site on your mobile or tablet and check if it works for you.


    Hope this helps

  • Thank you for this, I have tested it as you suggested and can see that it works well on the iPhone and iPad.

    Many thanks, your help is much appreciated!
  • My pleasure :-bd
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