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    1. If possible post a link to your live site where the problem exists so we we've got something to work with. We've done a tutorial for setting up a subdirectory on your server for testing: Serif Tuts Tutorial

    2. Select the correct forum category that relates to your question.

    3. Please start a new thread rather than posting in an old thread for any assistance needed, this helps us manage the responses easier and makes future searches of the forum threads easier to understand, also please include the version of Webplus you are using X6/X7/X8 including the build number if possible but not essential (menu of Help > About will provide the build number) which makes our job a lot easier.

    4. Please leave feedback for any help received, this let's us know we have been successful in our job as support to the forum and to our addons members.

    5. Special Note Any add-on we provide here that contains ready made PHP scripts for contact forms etc will not work if your site is hosted with the Serif services ( or any other hosting provider that does not support the PHP environment. Also please take into account that they may also not work if your hosting server is using the Windows platform and will work far better if using the Linux operating software. Also something else to take into consideration is to check with your hosting provider if they have the PHP installation on their server set to use the PHP()Send Function and not rely totally on an SMTP send, if the latter is the case, then the PHP scripts provided may fail to work correctly.

    Many thanks!

    Neil Judges

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