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  • Hi
    I love your templates and have used quite a few of them to good effect - example:

    I am just about to update a website that is over 10 years old, but since it's fairly classic, has passed the test of time.  It's purpose is to sell an artist's music track by track and/or album by album.  You will see on the page: there is a 'jukebox' that allows the viewer to click on almost any of the almost 100 tracks in order to listen to them, it also has a built-in function that allows the viewer to select a number of tracks and purchase them immediately through PayPal.  Now clearly this need upgrading and I'm wondering if your Music Player would allow the same functionality?
  • Hi Froogle,

    Many thanks for your kind comments about the SerifTemplates and the Add-ons provided by the 2 sites.

    Although I think the music add-on would give you the player functionality you are looking for, I'm almost 100% sure it will not give you the purchase option you have now for tracks to be called to your shopping cart and into Paypal. This function has been written directly to the player/add-on you have on your site at present and works totally differently than the add-on provided by Serif Addons.

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