Multiple full-width-sliders on a page?
  • Hi there,

    I'm creating a site that has a full width slider at the top, although it's just got one image instead of using an actual slider.. and it would be great if there was a way to have more than one full width slider on the same page.. like further down a couple of times.. is this possible?

    My link:

  • Hi Esther,

    I'm almost sure this request can't be achieved because of where you need to add the code to the page body start, trying to add another one would simply clash with the original and would still sit in the same place as the first.

    If I'm wrong, I'm sure Neil will update this thread but I cant find a way myself of achieving what your asking for.

    You could always use a panel at the height of the image you want to use and make it approx. 1920 wide, if you then place the image inside the panel and uncheck the align with browser, this should support the top resolutions being used and would look like a full width image, that's about the best alternative I can think of.

    Sorry but hope this helps
  • Ahh I had a feeling that was the case. As for inserting a panel and making it 1920 px wide, how do you do that without making the page 1920 px wide? I tried putting it on a master page but that didn't really work.
  • You just add the panel to the page not the master page, the page can be say 980 wide but the panel can be 1920 and simply centralise the panel so it sits centre on the page, don't worry about the overlap either side of the page itself, try it out and then preview in your browser ;-)
  • Ahh I see! I didn't realise that was possible - since everything else cuts off. Thank you for that! In some ways, that's easier since there's no coding involved.
  • Hey guys,

    But, Mick, doesn't that add horizontal scrollbars?

  • Probably does Neil but I was working on the assumption of the Construction template and how the header slider sits on a width of 1920 and didn't think about horizontal scroll bars with not seeing them in the template itself
  • Gotcha, but with the Construction template I turned off all the scroll bars on the home page using CSS then re-added the vertical scrollbar using the unique scrollbar addon ;)
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