page flip adddon
  • I have this add on and would like to add another page, however I cannot find the help file to assist me.
    I am not sure on where to place the additional image and how it gets uploaded from WebPlusX8.
    thank you Vicki
  • Hi Vicki,

    Firstly, you don't add more pages, you add more images because that's how the page flips works and relies solely on images alone via code calls inside the HTML frag box.

    To add more images, simply add more code for each extra image you require and the code you'll need is as follows (just edit the actual file name to represent your own image)

    <img src="page-flip/01.jpg">

    Copy the above and paste it into the frag for as many times as you need more images and add it below the next to the last </div> of the last image being called in the HTML frag at present.

    If you look at the frag at its default state, you will see the last image being called has 2 closing div tags, all the others above, use one closing div tag, so make sure you do not overwrite the last closing div tag for the last image you need calling into the page flip.

    Default size for the book is 960px wide x 600px high so therefore, your images must be the same height of 600px but half the size of the width due to 2 images creating the open book, therefore, default images to be used are 480px wide x 600px high.

    Your final thing to do is to add the new images themselves to the folder of page-flip by using the file manager of Webplus - Tools > Site Manager > File Manager

    Providing the new code you have added contains the same named files you have added to the page-flip folder, you should now have what you are looking for.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick, I will give it a go tomorrow. If I just want to alter an image (page8) already in the file manager do I have to delete the original then replace with the amended page 8 image. Sorry to be a bit thick on this. Cheers Vicki
  • That's exactly what you need to do, as long as the new image has the same file name as the original one you are deleting, you should be good to go
  • Thank you Mick you obviously have a wealth of knowledge with the addons and Webplus and are a great asset to amateurs such as I who struggle to remember what we have done previously. Cheers Vicki
  • My pleasure Vicki always glad to help out as and when, happy updating ;-)
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