Bundle Pack Purchase - Payment Options & Erros
  • When trying to use a credit card to purchase the bundle pack, the payment would not go through. Unfortunately, we are a public school and cannot setup a paypal account as an alternate means of payment. Would you be willing to accept a check from us instead? Or has the credit card payment been fixed?
  • Neil should be about tomorrow morning and I would imagine he would be able to sort something out for you, sorry I can't help more but that side of our support structure is down to Neil only.

    Hope this helps a little in the meantime.
  • Thank you Mick for responding so quickly. We would like to obtain these tomorrow if possible so that we can work on our website with the new features. Anything that Neil could do would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi,

    I've sent you an email :)

  • Greetings Neil,
    I've replied to your email. If we are unable to resolve the issue today, we will not be able to move forward until after our school's winter recess which ends just after New Years. Thank you again for all your help.
  • Neil's da man and hope he managed to get you sorted ;-)
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