More than 1 Silde-Thumbs addon does not work on the same page
  • I want to use more than one Silde-Thumbs addons on the same WEPPlus x8 page it does not work. Only the first one Works but not the others. I tried every solution but could not find the right one. Could you please help me?
  • Hi Orkun,

    I don't think this is possible with this particular addon due to all the various Div ID's and Var calls that run this addon, sorry I can't help more than this with this particular query

    Hope this helps
  • Okay Mick,

    it would be better to hear good news from you.

    According to me there should not be limitation for using the same addon more than once on the same page. But this is the reality.
  • It's just one if those things I'm afraid, some assets allow duplicates and others don't and it all boils down to code calls.
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