Smooth Scrolling / use own buttons
  • Hi Guys,
    Is there a way of using webplus buttons in the navigation for smooth scrolling as opposed to the links in the addon?
  • Hi Kevin,

    If you are using Webplus X8, you wont need to use the smooth scrolling addon to achieve your request, simply set the site properties option (not page properties option) from the properties menu option at the top of the work window then select the hyperlinks tab and drop a tick in the box that says "scroll smoothly to anchor links on the same page"

    You can then add an object, such as a small empty text box and set this as the anchor hyperlink and finds its ID name, add a button and select the name of the ID from the empty object and add this to the hyperlink field of the button (plus the hash tag)

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Mick,
    Sorry for the late reply. I had previously used teh smooth scroll option in webplus, but it doesn't seem to have the same smooth sweep that the addon has. If its not possible to use your own buttons no problem.
    Thanks Mick
  • Hi Kev,

    You can use a WebPlus navigation bar if that helps? You should be able to customise one to suit the look of a row of buttons.

    Simply set up the navigation bar with a custom structure, each of the buttons hyperlinks need to point to an Internet page, then set the URL address as your anchor, ie. #two


    Once that's set up set the ID/Anchor as 'nav'.


    That should do it :)
  • Appologies for the late reply - but thats just great. Works perfectly.

    While I'm here I wondered if you could help me out with something - I need to be able to make a webplus button download an XL spreadsheet - I have this:

    But can you please please help me out - where can I add this to a button to make it work? Sorry to get of subjetc I'm just a bit stuck.

    Thanks again
  • Normal hyperlinking should work anyway and shouldnt need any magic tricks but the link you've provided Kev doesn't go anywhere, only to a domain called where is available to buy

    You can also use a onclick function to a button and should give you the same option as a normal hyperlink where the browser asks you if you want to open the file or save/download it

    input type="button" value="Download Excel file" onclick="window.location.href = '';"

    Please however, stick to questions regarding add-ons only via this forum, as this is all we support here, if you need more help with buttons and hyperlinks etc, your best place is here -

    Hope this helps
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