Mp3 Player Problem
  • Hi, I recently bought the mp3 player from you and have just tried using it for the first time.
    When I drag the asset into webplus it previews in the browser exactly as you would expect it to.
    When I change a track I get no preview.
    I've been doing this very carefully indeed so I'm sure I'm not making any mistakes.
    I've deleted the asset and loaded a new one and the same thing happens.
    I'm baffled frankly, but I really want this player to work as I think it looks great and will be ideal for my site.
    It's not as if it's just the tracks that won't play - as soon as I amend anything the player will not preview at all in my browser, as if it isn't inserted on the page at all.
    Please help!
    Thanks in anticipation,

  • Hi Dave,

    I'm sure it's just a file path issue if the preview prior to editing works and as soon as you make changes, it doesn't work.

    Try this, because the default code uses a folder called music (folder name is case sensitive - must be all lowercase keys) and the default mp3 files are called simply 1.mp3 - 2.mp3 - 3.mp3 etc

    So first off, load the music asset file and drag onto the page. Now go to the menu of Webplus and select Tools > Site Manager > File Manager. Click the root directory so it gets highlighted and then click the button on the right called New Folder, when the folder is added, name it to music.

    Taking into account you have say 3 mp3 files to add, make sure they are named 1.mp3 to 3.mp3 (if not rename 3 files now you have to these simple names) - don't worry, this is just for testing purposes to get you into how the player works and you can add whatever you like whenever you like later.

    Still in the new folder you have created and named music, highlight this folder and click the button on the right called Add File and then browse to where you have the 3 mp3 files stored on your system.

    Once these 3 mp3 files have been added, click the close button on the file manager and then preview the player again in a browser, I use Internet Explorer here and you shouldn't need the ogg files adding for cross browser compatibility for this test.

    Once you are used to adding your files to the file manager of webplus, you can then start to add multiple named files and then adjust the code in the asset html frag box you have dragged onto the page by double clicking it to open the frag, and then scroll down to each section of code and adjust where you need to such as the one below which is set by default


    The music part of the code tells webplus what directory you have added the files to

    The code after the / is the name of the mp3 and ogg files

    So you could add a folder using the file manager of onlinemusic and your first mp3 file could be called my-first-track.mp3

    The code in the asset frag would then need to be


    Also something very important to remember is this: NEVER use spaces in between multiple file names and NEVER use capital letters

    My First Track.mp3 would probably cause issues, so a rename to my-first-track.mp3 would keep everything working how it should do.

    Another point to make with regards to the code inside the asset html frag box is this, every call to every mp3 file has a closing tag of the following

    },    (notice the bracket and trailing comma)

    The last call to your last mp3 file does NOT have the trailing comma, so the last bit of the code for your final mp3 file MUST be this



    And NOT



    Or one or more tracks will not play

    Hope this helps ;-)

  • Hi Mick and thanks for such a full, helpful and speedy response. Trouble is, I'm sure I've done all this correctly from the off...I did create a music folder in the root, I renamed all the tracks 1.mp3 , 2.mp3 and so on and when that failed I dropped a music folder in my webspace and put the full url in the frag but still nothing! I'll try it again in the morning in case I've done something wrong and just haven't seen my mistake. Will let you know how I get on, but if it fails again I think I must have a corrupt file or something, I don't know...

    Thanks agin for your great answer though,
    Cheers for now,

  • Update!
    Hi again Mick. Just did a quick try now. Dropped just 3 files in as you suggest above and didn't touch the frag, went to preview again and it worked and was playing my tracks. Superb! :-)  Then I altered the track title, artist and duration of the first track in the frag but did not touch the file path entry at all - I only changed the details. Just did the first one and left the rest, went to preview again and back to a blank screen. It seems that any editing whatsoever I do in the frag is stopping the player loading at all. I must have a corrupt copy or something, surely?

    Bye for now,
  • Second Update
    Hi, sorry, it's me again! Tried the plyer again this morning. This time I found my original purchase, unzipped it again and opened the asset in a brand new site, adding only that and nothing else. Previewed it in Firefox, it worked. Added my own tracks labelled 1.mp3 etc and placed them in a folder titled music in the new site root. Previewed it again in Firefox and it worked. Changed the title of track one in the HTML frag but nothing else at all. Previewed it in Firefox...nothing, and in Chrome, I.E. et al. Loaded it to the web just for the hell of it in case only the local preview failing, but alas, not so, nothing there either. So there is definitely a problem with the player that was delivered to me. Not sure if this is the right place to discuss what happens next...will you send me a new copy or whatever, but just a fix for this would suffice and make me happy. I've got a new site almost ready to go and the player is more or less the final detail. Would appreciate your comments and help.
    Kind regards,
  • Hi Dave,

    What are the names of your tracks, do any of them have hyphens in? This can break the player.

  • Hi Neil,
    The only one I named this morning was I Think It's Going to Rain Again  I typed it exactly like that after deleting your first track title by clicking on it and using either the delete key or backspace. The actual files for the music were left as you have named them. The failure only occurs when I amend anything (it seems) in the HTML frag. I am completely baffled, I know I'm not doing anything wrong, or at least I think that's the case!  ;-)
    I've amended many other HTML frags in the version of webplus I am using (X6) and not encountered a similar problem, so I don't think I've got a problem there. I take it nobody else has had a similar experience which would only serve to make it even more baffling, to me anyway.  :-)
    Thanks for coming back. Hope you can come up with a solution for me.

  • Instead of naming it 'I Think It's Going to Rain Again' try this:

    I Think It's Going to Rain Again

    I've replaced the hyphen for its html equivilent. Hopefully that should sort things, if not would you be able to upload the page to a server so we may examine the code? I've done a tutorial here for uploading to a test area should you need it:

    Don't worry do our best to help you out :)
  • And that works!  :-) 
    Why didn't I think of that?  :-D

    Well in Neil and thanks very much indeed.
    I guess the rule is no symbols at all, replace with HTML code where necessary. Thanks again,

  • Glad you managed to get it sorted, Dave :)

    If there's anything else just let us know 

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