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  • Has anyone got the answer to this question?

    I have added a Popup Contact form to a website (http://www.culturalive.org/contact.html) and also onto a website which is on the sub domain of the domain. The Popup contact form works fabulously on the English website, but on the Spanish website, (click on Spanish flag, top right, to go through to Spanish website) when you click on the Cont√°ctenos button nothing happens.

    Any ideas how to make this work!

    Thank you for reading this.

  • Hi Tracy,

    I'm not sure you can run the popup contact form twice on the same server using a sub-domain but it maybe possible to run 2 by using a sub-directory (obviously not the same)

    mysite.com (main domain)
    something.mysite.com (sub domain)
    mysite.com/something (sub directory)

    Have a look at the thread link below to see if this helps further

  • Hi Mick,

    Thanks for getting back to me so promptly.

    I had problems trying to do what you suggested; the contact form still wouldn't work so in the end I brought a cheap domain and copied the Spanish contact page and uploaded it. I have added the popup contact form onto the page and all is working well, but just one thing.... do you know if it is possible to replace the words on the contact form with Spanish words, eg. Name, Email etc?

    Thank you

  • It can be done Tracy but you would need to carefully edit the contact.php file

    Have a look at this thread where I helped another user asking the very same thing (only Dutch not Spanish)


    Hope this helps a little more ;-)
  • Hi Mick,

    That worked nicely - Thank you! =D>

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Mick,

    Just a quick one. I did a test email from the popup contact form and I get a Thank You reply - that's great, but do you know where to go to make it a Spanish Thank You? I've searched through the code, but there is no Thank You anywhere.

  • I'll have to check sometime tomorrow and post back as I'm away at present with no access to webplus or the addon but I'm sure it's possible
  • Hi again Tracey,

    Ok here are the fixes for English to Spanish in the popup contact form.

    When you submit the form, you should get the message of

    Thank You!
    Your message was successfully sent

    To change the Your message successfully sent to Su mensaje fue enviado con éxito - re-edit the contact.php file on line 87 and will look like the below, only change text in between the 2 " " characters

    echo "Your message was successfully sent.";

    To change the Thank You! to Gracias! - you will need to publish to disk and not publish to web, so you have access to all the files and folders of the site locally on your PC/Laptop and then locate the contact.js file and open in a text editor and locate line 88 which will look like this

    $('#contact-container .contact-title').html('Thank you!');

    Only change the text in between the 2 ' ' characters and then save the file out using the same file name and file extension as the original (contact.js)

    With the site and contact page open in Webplus, double click the small html box that sits inside the addon on the page and open the files tab, locate the contact.js file and delete it. Then click the browse button and add back the newly edited contact.js file.

    Finally re-uploading the changes and maybe delete your browser cache and refresh the page if you don't see the changes (Ctrl+F5)

    That hopefully will have sorted the language swap for you, please do let us know if that works for you.

  • Hi Mick,

    I followed your directions to the T and the changes worked beautifully - Thank you Mick!

    Best wishes,

    Tracy :D
  • My pleasure Tracy ;-)
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