Website not displaying written content on some pages
  • Hi Neil. My website needed a few seasonal updates so went onto do them. To my shock I noticed that only the ‘our location’ page was displaying the wording. The other pages have lost the ‘text’. My son suggested it might be an update to an addon or even Serif itself as running a ‘site manager’ check reveals no errors to cause this. Help!
  • Think it’s Serif X6 I used. Been fine up to now but haven’t needed to update it for a few months.
  • Hi Fiona

    It wouldn't be an update to an add-on as these are not automated so the only suggestion we could advise here is to preview the site via webplus and select a browser and if all shows ok in preview mode, try a FULL upload and not an incremental one and overwrite the site you have at present.

    If this doesn't work and with the issue not really being add-on related, please seek more advice on the Serif Community Forum -

    Hope this helps a little
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