Full width slider problems
  • Hello,

    I've used the full width slider in the past, with no issues, but now I'm running into a problem. I'm redesigning my business' website and wanted to add the slider to the page. I've placed the html fragment, added the code to the body, and added the appropriate sized images to the file manager, but when I view the page, all I see is the default slider captions overlapped, no images or movement. Any thoughts?

  • Hi Robert,

    It looks as though an important file that's needed for the addon is missing: http://www.southsidesmokehouse.com/jquery.skippr.js

    Do you have the original download of the addon as it might be worth trying that to see if it fixes the issue.

  • Do you mean the unzipped file? I still have everything...I download the entire bundle and still have the install files. Is the jquery.skippr.js in the .wpack file?
  • Additionally, I think I have that script. Here's a screen shot of my source code...is that not the one? Apologies...I'm not a coder...hence my use of WebPlus :-)

  • You just have code referencing the file, however the file is not on the server as shown by the link I posted above. Either try a Full Upload to see how that goes or try using a fresh version of the addon from your zipped file.

  • I thought I still had the zipped files, but apparently not. I tried running the installer, and it gave me a repair wizard. I assume the only way to get the zipped files again is to purchase the bundle? This is probably a dumb question, but the script is part of the addon, not a part of WebPlus, correct?

    I tried to redo everything from the start and I get the same result. If I take the .wpack file off the page, the images are tiled at the top, about 25px each, if that means anything to you.
  • So, I created a completely new project and copied everything over except for the slider, which I started fresh. It's working fine. There must be something in that project file that's hindering the slider from operating. I have a very complicated mobile site on the original project, so I'll keep that one for the mobile and the new project for the desktop. I wish I knew what the problem was, but it's baffling. I'll have it updated in a little while...feel free to check it out to see if you can see a difference in the code. Thanks for your help - and, of course, the great addons!
  • Hi Robert,

    Your test page looks to be taken offline now? If you can put it live I can take a look.


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