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  • Hi all,
    I've created a site with Smooth Scrolling, all works fine.
    My problem occurred when I started fiddling! I have added white backgrounds to the page names on the nav bar -
    these 'backgrounds' appear differently between the workspace view and preview / live updated version.
    (to make them display in the correct place for the live version they have to be shifted to the left on the workspace)
    ....And then even more odd...(with hit and miss juggling) the result displays ok on my 15" laptop and my iPhone, but my
    10" tablet shows the 'off centre' workspace version in both portrait and landscape modes.

    Any suggestions please?

    The offending little tinker can be found at

    Many thanks,
  • Lester,

    Because you are changing the default look of the addon by adding coloured backgrounds to the links, you are forcing issues we don't normally come across, have you not just tried to create a text link with a coloured object set below the text via arrange (send to back so the text shows above) and then group both the objects together so you have no movement between the two because they are now a single item and should show correctly, regardless of screen res.

    That's about the only option I can think of

    Hope this helps
  • Mick,
    I enjoy keeping you on yr toes by "forcing issues"
    but you are Spot on...again!
  • No worries, thanks for the update ;-)

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