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  • I have been searching all over the internet for this plugin and so far I have found a few topics at serif's forums where mentioned is a unique scrollbar made by this website, however, every link back to the page for a unique scrollbar is a dead link. What happened to that page? and can I still purchase this item?
  • Hi Iandrumbass,

    Are you using WebPlus? I am planning on adding another unique scrollbar in the near future, the one we previously had didn't work on iframes but the new one I have planned will ;)

  • Yes I use webplus. That would be great I have had a tough time with the jquery scrollbars and it would make my life much simpler lol. Please let me know when you have one available!

    and thank you but no geoff that is not what I was looking for. I found that same tutorial a while back. I want custom scrollbars for my pages, overflowing text boxes and iframes.
  • Is there any chance you guys are creating a js plugin for this?
  • Your original post above suggested you struggled with the jquery scrollbars so can't see the point in your question of adding a js plugin, as adding one directly from an asset via Webplus will be far easier to use than manually configuring code.



    If you want to try a js plugin yourself, here is one that DOES support Iframes but we cannot support it here on the forums so please use any forums/blogs on their website or contact the vendor directly for more help with this particular plugin.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks, I would prefer the easier addon for weblus for a custom scrollbar but I will give that one a shot.
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