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  • Hi... I just need the code to reflect one artist and one CD at a time. I will need to list the songs of the CD of course, and have the user listen to song clips...Therefore needing to delete the extra info (ie artist, duration and cover for each song selection).  Is there anything that absolutely has to stay in?

    Also for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get the CD face graphic in the large grey box at the top of the script...I was trying to right click on the demo page to see, but you have prevented that with a script... :)

  • Hi... Sorry I didnt read the end of your post yesterday... I think I can use the html 5 script.  But can you tell me how I would use the buttons you referenced instead of the ugly grey bar...  :)  Hoping its not hard to change the color of the buttons...

    Thanks again...Leah
  • Leah,

    As posted in the other thread, we can only support OUR add-ons and not third party scripts here on the forum. If you purchase the html 5 script from the link previously given, all the documentation needed will come with the plugin and any other further questions would need to be directed back to the original vendor.

  • Hey Mick, actually the web serif add on's used to be kind of kool because they were free and there was very easy directions on the site on how to install and use. I see that you are real concerned if there was a purchase made. So for what ever it is worth I did purchase your new version for 5 bucks yesterday but since the documentation is crap compared to how it used to be I decided to use the older version. So maybe you can throw me a bone and give me a tip for my 5 bucks on how to fix the stupid problem I am having.
  • Excuse me - "I'm concerned about your purchase" ??

    Where are you getting this information from?

    My post above is with regards to Leah & the HTML5 Audio script I gave her a link to and has nothing to do with whatever script you are referring to.

    Please do not highjack other threads and create your own, so we know exactly what script you are talking about and exactly what help you need with it.

    Another thing to take into account is the actual addons provided, regardless of which addon you are referring to, and that is, they are all X6 compatible only and that's because they all use the Asset Pack function which is NOT supported in earlier version of Webplus. This is stipulated on the main addon navigation link (X6 Addons) and also on each addon download and information page directly under the Demo link.

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